Cuanto antes, mejor

Usar y no abusar de la tecnología. Esto último te hace esclavo.

What’s the most frequent branding mistake firms make? To assume that your brand is a logo rather than the personality of your product and company. To assume that it’s simply a trademark and therefore it should be managed out of your communications department rather than becoming a part of the overall strategy of the firm.

¿Será éste el reloj del futuro?

Key findings: Digital News Report 2014, Reuters Institute.

Mary Meeker latest edition of the annual Internet Trends report includes:
1. Key Internet trends showing slowing Internet user growth but strong smartphone, tablet and mobile data traffic growth as well as rapid growth in mobile advertising.
2. Emerging positive efficiency trends in education and healthcare.
3. High-level trends in messaging, communications, apps and services.
4. Data behind the rapid growth in sensors, uploadable / findable / shareable data, data mining tools, and pattern recognition.
5. Context on the evolution of online video.
6. Observations about online innovation in China.